Commercial Flooring Supply

Commercial Flooring Supply in New York

Commercial spaces are prone to high footfalls and thus, need exceptional flooring to handle the heavy traffic. Resinous Flooring Supply (RFS) is a leading supplier of concrete and epoxy flooring products to contractors, architects, interior designers, business owners, and homeowners in New York. All our commercial flooring suppliers are built to deliver high performance with low maintenance requirements. Choose RFS and gear up for appealing floorings that last a long time. 

Concrete and Epoxy Flooring Supplier for Contractors and Companies 

Contractors choose our flooring supplies for beautiful commercial spaces that offer a professional look and a sophisticated appeal. Along with the quality of our commercial flooring supplies, RFS is also known to be a top epoxy flooring supplier for the process of determining the right products for your spaces. Our team visits your job site, meets with the clients, examines and measures your flooring areas, and then offers the best products to suit the requirement. As a result, our clients enjoy countless compliments every day from their staff, customers, and stakeholders. At RFS, our team also has the expertise to suggest complementary colors and materials that upgrade your floors and add a touch of elegance to your commercial spaces. 

Key Features of Our Commercial Flooring Systems

There’s no place for errors on commercial floors. It is one of the first things your customers, employees, and clients will notice, and it will often leave a lasting impression on your business and brand. Our trademark flooring products testify to this fact and ensure hassle-free applications for every industry, sector, and business.  

The commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings are created using a hands-on flooring experience to offer contractors and companies exceptional quality at an affordable price. We’re happy to offer an exclusive range of epoxy coating products from PRECISE™ that deliver on the following USPs:


  • Anti-slip flooring to keep your employees and customers safe 
  • Resistance to chemical spills, ensuring suitability for industrial usage 
  • Wear-resistant for heavy foot traffic areas 
  • Durability and reliability to withstand continuous footfalls 
  • Easy to maintain with low maintenance costs 
  • Available in many different colors and decorative options to suit versatile decors 

RFS Commercial Flooring Systems are Ideal for Various Industries

  • Food and Beverages
  • Grocery Stores 
  • Healthcare 
  • Educational Institutes, Schools, Colleges
  • Fire and Rescue Stations 
  • Manufacturing Units 
  • Animal Care 
  • Cannabis Facility 

Trusted Commercial Flooring Supplier Near You in New York

Whether constructing a commercial space or enhancing it, our quality flooring supplies convert your floors into valuable investments with rewarding returns. Make your floors stand out as an asset to your business with Resinous Flooring Supply New York. Contact us at (585) 200-5110.

Elevate your commercial floors with the perfect concrete and epoxy coatings.